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WordAce Screen Shots

The screen shots below illustrate some of the features that make WordAce such a useful program for the language student or professional.

With WordAce, you can look up words bilingually in any supported language and see the translations instantly. If you buy additional WordAces, you can translate directly between any language. For example, if you owned WordAce German and WordAce Dutch, you could translate German to Dutch, Dutch to German, German to English, English to German, Dutch to English, and English to Dutch. This unique feature makes WordAce extremely powerful.

With WordAce you can conjugate verbs in either English or the target language. Here in the French version, the verb "ALLEZ" is conjugated. Take note of the extensive nature of the verb conjugations given!

WordAce includes two language games, a verb game and a synonym game. These built-in games are not easy but you can always press "hint" button for a clue.

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