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WordAce! Multilingual CD-ROM Dictionary

WordAce! Translation CD-ROM Dictionary and Verb Conjugator
This is the latest version --- version 1.5. The comprehensive translation dictionary that's perfect for learning or reference! Available on CD-ROM for French, German, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian.. (Note: the Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian versions do not have integrated sound).
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System Requirements and Pricing  

What is WordAce?

WordAce! is a fast, easy-to-use language reference set that quickly provides word translations and related words, as well as verb forms and conjugations-all with a simple click of the mouse.

Native pronunciation- hear it, learn it and use it!

The best way to learn correct pronunciation is to hear foreign words spoken by a native speaker. No more guessing or trying to pronounce using those confusing phonetic symbols you'll find in traditional paper dictionaries.

Verb conjugations - Now say what you mean!

With WordAce! you'll choose the correct verb form and tense every time. The easy to read tables with extensive verb help for each tense make conjugation simple. WordAce! lets you see verbs in all their tenses, moods and persons. You can also recall verbs from a pull-down history list, view alternative conjugations, or view a graph of the current verb's tense/person combinations from a previous query. Sample sentences help clarify each verb distinction.

Built in Language Learning Games

WordAce's language games are a fun, effective ways to learn. Plus you can even make each game harder or easier to suit your own skill level.

Use alongside your e-mail, word processor or web browser

WordAce! works with word processors, desktop publishers, and other programs. Simply use the copy and paste functions to bring a foreign word or phrase into WordAce! to learn about its various meanings. Or, add foreign words to your own correspondence by finding just the right word from the WordAce! dictionary.

Other great learning and reference features!

History List - A complete word history that allows you to move back to previously used words, instantly.

Ace!Word Finder - A sophisticated "spell check" search engine that lets you type in a word and returns a list of possible selections.

Staff Review

WordAce! is a really nifty program if you translate a lot of words while using a computer. It is essentially a bilingual dictionary and verb conjugation tool on CD-ROM, but also includes two language games that test both your vocabulary and your ability to conjugate verbs properly.

The excellent design of this program makes it suitable for both language professionals and language learners. If you buy more than one language of WordAce! then you can translate between all the different languages with a single interface (this is both unique and immensely useful). The language games are definitely more academic than other language programs I have seen and a lot harder. WordAce! still runs (although no voice is available) when the CD-ROM is not in the drive, so you can use WordAce! and still enjoy your compact disc collection (like I do!). Another great program from Transparent Language.

System Requirements

486 CPU or higher; Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/XP/ME/NT; 4MB RAM minimum; 10.5MB HD space; CD-ROM drive; sound card.

68020, 68030, 68040 or Power Mac processor; System 7.1 or higher; 4MB RAM; 13MB HD space; CD-ROM drive.

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