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Chinese Partner 5.0 for Windows 95/98/ME

Chinese Partner

Chinese Partner 5.0 for Windows 95/98/ME
Utilizing a powerful yet intuitive interface, TwinBridge Chinese Partner makes it possible for you to work in the Chinese language under the standard English Windows environment as well as Chinese Windows. Now all your character input can be done through the most popular Chinese input methods without the use of a separate localized version of Windows! You can now write Chinese letters using your everyday Windows word processor, add Chinese columns to your spread-sheet, prepare Chinese flyers for your upcoming events using your desktop publishing program, store Chinese addresses in your Windows database programs!

Chinese Partner 5.0  -   Main Features  -   System Requirements

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Chinese Partner 5.0

TwinBridge Chinese Partner is a flexible, easy-to-use Chinese enabling program that allows you to input, edit, format and convert Chinese documents in many computer applications that are principally intended for use in English or other non-Chinese versions of Windows 95/98/ME. Now all your character input can be done through the most popular Chinese input methods without the use of a separate localized version of Windows! The system allows Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Unicode to be entered into all Windows applications. You can now write Chinese letters using your everyday Windows word processor, add Chinese columns to your spread-sheet, prepare Chinese flyers for your upcoming events using your desktop publishing program, store Chinese addresses in your Windows database programs!

With 64 fonts and more than 10 input methods to choose from, it offers Unicode compatibility with Microsoft Office for the best in Chinese computing; it's also fully compatible with the Far East version of MS Office. TwinBridge Chinese Partner also offers a group of unique and powerful utilities: Super Code Converter, Font Editor, Meta Converter, Single Byte Converter, Dictionary Manager, Character map and etc., to fulfill your specific needs.

Main Features


Chinese Partner 5.0 is a Chinese enabling system that is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me (Millennium). This advanced version no longer supports MS Windows 3.1x.


Chinese Partner supports Chinese input and display in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook Express 5.0 and Internet Explorer as well as many other applications. It also supports Chinese input and display in most of the search engines. Users of the program are also able to input Chinese in graphics applications in either text or graphic formats.

User Interfaces

The main user interface of Chinese Partner is the Control Center - this is where the user controls all the important features of the program. One such feature is the Input Prompt Line, which is designed to input Chinese characters and related symbols. It has a number of features that will let you input characters with relative ease.

Input Methods

To input Chinese and other languages, there are a host of methods to choose from: Super Pinyin, Super Zhuyin, Super Shuangpin, Changjei, Easy Changjei, English-Chinese, Yueyin, Simple-Stroke, Quwei Code, GB Code, BIG5 Code, Unicode, Telegraph Code, Russian, Japanese Kana, Greek, Full Size-English, Half Size-English, and Short Sentence input methods.

Chinese Partner also provides you with a capacity for dynamic character/phrase modification if Pinyin or Zhuyin is to be assigned to a new character or phrase. Third party input methods such as the Wubi (radical parts) input method can be added to the system; users can also hook up input methods of their own creation. Chinese Partner may also be used as the foundation software when users are interested in adding Chinese handwriting recognition and/or Chinese speech recognition to their system.

Supports Unicode Mode

Chinese Partner takes advantage of Unicode compliant applications such as MS Office by displaying Chinese characters in a single cursor when a Chinese Partner font with the header "TSC" is selected. This function enables users to edit any Chinese character with just one move of the cursor; thus there will be no more scrambled characters due to code misinterpretation. Because of this Unicode compliance, documents created in the Chinese version of MS Office are fully readable and ready for editing in the English version of MS Office and vice versa. And users are still able to create backward compatible ANSI documents in BIG5 or GB as they wish.

Internal Codes

Chinese Partner 5.0 implements the following internal code standards:


Chinese Partner offers 64 high quality traditional and simplified Chinese fonts in the form of bitmap, outline and TrueType fonts, in order to meet all popular Chinese internal code standards. The number of characters for each font ranges from 7,000 to 17,000 depending upon the type of internal code used and other factors. It also offers two BPMF (Bo-Po-Mo-Fo) Zhuyin fonts.

The Unicode Chinese fonts in Chinese Partner are great for Internet use. In addition, Chinese Partnerís unique Unified Chinese font merges the simplified and traditional Chinese font characters into one set. It is one of the most useful fonts to use in Microsoft Office products.

Utility Programs

Super Code Converter
This powerful utility can convert the code of files from one format to another amongst codes such as GB, BIG5 and Unicode. It handles several forms of Rich Text Format (RTF) as well as plain text (ASCII) formats. It can also convert the font type from symbol type to text type, and vice versa, as well as insert or delete spaces between characters.

Meta Converter
This utility program is designed to facilitate the use of Chinese characters in graphics applications which do not allow double-byte characters to be processed. One selects the characters that are to be used, adjusts the settings as desired in the program, and the program converts them into a Windows Meta File format that is suitable for use by graphics applications.

Single Byte Converter
When Chinese characters cannot be used in a graphics application (such as CorelDraw), the more powerful Single-Byte Converter can be used as an alternative to the Meta Converter to create new single-byte fonts. Basically, a new font thus created can be used on all Windows-based computers - even those without Chinese Partner installed. Each single byte font mimics the properties of an English font and can hold a maximum of 188 characters.

Font Editor
Chinese Partnerís font editor allows users to construct and edit any of the TwinBridge Outline fonts or system bitmap fonts within the Chinese Partner system.

Character Map
The Character Mapping Table is used to browse or search for specific characters among the different internal code standards. The characters in the table may be pasted into the document using the clipboard as a medium.

EuroInput, which comes with font selection capabilities, can provide character input for more than 20 European languages. Every language has a corresponding keyboard layout for input with mouse as well as keyboard. The Keyboard input rule is designed according to Microsoftís multi-lingual standards. This utility provides four different font types for special character and alphabet displays. These fonts should be selected for the corresponding language within applications.

Input Method Dictionary Manager
The Input Method Manager performs character insertion and deletion management functions. It allows your dictionaries to have control over the following tasks: assigning an input code to a newly created character; adding new phrases to the dictionary; changing codes for existing characters and phrases; and deletion of unused or incorrect words and phrases. When combined with the self-learning features of TwinBridge, this program will enable you to have a dictionary that is fully customized to your needs. The input method dictionary manager is also used by the system to locate the characters matching a given input code.

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System Requirements

486 CPU and above; Windows 95/98/ME; 16MB RAM; and 50 MB of free hard disk space.

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