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TransWhiz 9.0 Chinese Translation CD-ROM for Windows

Transwhiz Chinese Translation Software

TransWhiz 9.0 Chinese Translation Software is a multipurpose translation software to satisfy your demands for translating MS Office documents, PDF documents and webpages. With unique translation engines and Fuzzy Search Translation Memory technologies, Transwhiz makes a fast and high quality translation for English/Chinese languages.

Transwhiz 9.0 is a current leader among the English <-> Chinese translation systems. Requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP English or Chinese version. We are an official US distributor of Transwhiz. Please contact us with questions.

For price and purchase information, please return to the developer page and click on 'Buy Now' for pricing.

Multiple versions and upgrades available.

Features | Standard Version | Professional Version | Comparison Chart | System Requirements

TransWhiz 9.0 Features

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Supports Most File Formats

Support to translate most file formats such as TXT, WORD documents, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook mail, HTML webpages, PowerPoint files and RC files etc.

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Translates Directly into MS Office

Makes translation directly in MS Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint with original tables and graphics preserved.

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Translates Directly in Adobe Acrobat

Makes translation directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Supports Translation Memory Database

Edits and saves translation results along with the source sentence to translation memory for future translation and for post-editing use. You'll never need to translate the same sentence for the second time.

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Includes Various Professional Dictionaries

Provides a variety of Professional Dictionaries including Computer & Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Law, Financing, Trading, Management, Automechanic, Military, Health Care, and Religion etc.

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Translated on Integrated Working Platform

Makes translations on an integrated working platform with a simultaneous display of multiple functions (translation, dictionary lookup, memory search etc.) on screen. A convenient platform for translation and post-translation editing tasks.

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Supports Remote Translation Via Internet

Makes translations either on your own PC or on OTEK multilingual translation server via Internet.

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Provides Regular Updates of Program and Grammar

Provides a built-in automatic update service for downloading new program and grammar releases via Internet.

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Translates Webpages

Translates entire webpages into the language you want. It's a great helper when surfing on the internet and localizing a website.

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Provides Mouse-Point Instant Translation

Simply point your mouse to a line of text or a word you wish to translate. Its translation will be displayed instantaneously.

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Provides Conversion Between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Provides conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Specific phrases can be designated to be replaced during conversion.

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Reads out English/Chinese Text

Reads a single word, a whole sentence, or an entire English or Chinese article. A great tool for learning English or Chinese.

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Exclusive Features to Professional Editions

Translates with WORD Workbench

Speeds up translation work of WORD documents with integrated working platform WORD Workbench. Translates and post-edits sentence by sentence in WORD environment.

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Supports Automation Server API

Integrates translation functions (word, sentence & file translation) into your own application with Automation Server API.

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Provides Reverse Translation

Provides reverse translation of output to check accuracy.

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Displays Translation Analysis Diagram

Displays tree-like translation analysis diagram for translated sentences.

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Finds Glossaries From a File

Searches a file for glossaries (words or phrases) which appear more than a pre-designated number of times.

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Customize Your Own Translation Engine

Manage your own translation engine and translation memory for any specific language.

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Translates Documents in a Batch Mode

Provides you the option to preschedule multiple documents for translation in a batch mode.

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System Requirements:

˙Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or above ˙300MB disk space
˙Intel Pentium III or above ˙CD-ROM drive
˙128 MB RAM ˙800 x 600 dpi or above

Transwhiz Comparison Chart

Transwhiz Comparison Chart Standard Professional
Direct Translation with MS Office
Transwhiz WORD WorkBench  
PDF Document Translation
Automation Server Support  
Built-In Translation Memory
Tree-Like Grammar Analysis Diagram  
Customized Translation Engine  
Various Professional Dictionaries
Reverse Translation  
Multi-Window Integrated Translation Working Platform
Remote Server Translation Support
Automated Program and Grammar Updating
Webpage Translation
Convenient Mouse-Point Instant Translation
Text-to-Speech Capability
Conversion between Traditional and Simplified

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