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Multilingual Dictionaries


Multilingual Dictionaries - Word translation, text translation, glossaries, translator listings, and more in a wide number of sources.
Ajeeb - The Tarjim site for online Arabic-English translation. Requires user registration.
The LOGOS dictionary - Multilingual Dictionary.
The LINGUIST List - Web resource listings of online language dictionaries.
Word2Word Online Dictionaries and Translators - Word2Word is pleased to provide these dictionary links in the hope of all people developing a better understanding of others through the use of language.
The Terminology Collection - Collection of online dictionaries.
Yahoo! Reference:Dictionaries:Language - Another reference site from Afrikaans to Yiddish
All Health Net Medical Dictionaries Page - Foreign language, multilingual and English medical dictionaries and glossaries.
Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms - Project commissioned by the Eur. Commission and executed by the Heymans Institute of Pharmacology and the Mercator School, Department of applied Linguistics.
The Translation Service on EUROPA - Home Page of the European Commission's Translation Service.
Countries and Currencies - Countries and currencies lists of the European Commission's Translation Service.
Multilingual Euro Terminology - Abbreviations is all EU countries for countless standards
EUR-Lex - European Union law in all EU languages.
Euterpe - terminology of the European Parliament - Can be found on this page as a downloadable file (23 MB).
TERMITE - ITU Telecommunications Terminology Database in English, French, Spanish, and Russian
NetGlos - Multilingual glossary of Internet terminology.
Internationales Immobilien-Vokabular - Real-estate terminology in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.
Dictionary of European Inland Navigation - About 6.000 words related to navigation, shipbuilding, waterway engineering, transport etc, in German, Dutch, English, and French.
The Alternative Dictionaries - - Slang dictionaries in many languages.
Online Film Dictionary - In German, English, and Spanish.
The Microsoft glossaries - FTP site.
Apple Localization Tools - Including glossaries (FTP).
Dogs and Horses: Breeds & Colours - English, German and Dutch list. Incomplete (suggestions are welcome).

Please also refer to the language pages for monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.


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