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SYSTRAN Professional Translation Software


SYSTRAN Translation Software for Windows

SYSTRAN is the most popular translation software used today and is capable of providing high-quality drafts in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.This is a true government and business oriented 32-bit natural language translation software for Windows. Please contact us with any questions regarding SYSTRAN Premium Global Edition. Please note Arabic Edition is sold separately. All other languages are included in the Global Edition.

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CD-ROM for Windows
Available Languages:

Spanish <=> English, Dutch <=> English, French <=> English, German <=> English, Italian <=> English, Portuguese <=> English, Simplified Chinese <=> English, Traditional Chinese <=> English, Japanese <=> English, Korean <=> English, Russian <=> English, Swedish <=> English, Arabic <=> English

Target Audience
Business, Educational, Government
Machine Translation, Translation Memory
Aproximately 80% depending on source text
CD-ROM, Registration Card, Manual

Comparison Chart

Features Standard Premium
SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager (SDM) Advanced Expert
Translation customization User Dictionary User Dictionary Translation Memory Normalization Dictionary
Terminology extraction Basic Expert
Access to SYSTRAN online dictionaries Yes Yes
Additional specialized terminology   Yes
User Dictionary Size 2,000 20,000
User Dictionary Type Bilingual Multilingual
Normalization Dictionary Size   20,000
Translation Memory Size   40,000
Improved Intuitive Coding Yes Yes
Coding confidence indicator Yes Yes
Print dictionaries Yes Yes
User Dictionary format Yes Yes
Improved User Dictionary search capabilities Yes Yes
Multilingual dictionary y editor   Yes
Domain definition   Yes
Expert Coding wizard   Yes
Reverse dictionaries   Yes
Detect duplicate entries   Yes
Support for Translation Memory and Normalization Dictionaries   Yes
Import/export t of Translation Memories to TMX format   Yes
Entity coding   Yes
SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager (STPM) Advanced Expert
Side-by-side alignment Yes Yes
Interaction with SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager Yes Yes
Define words not to be translated Yes Yes
Import TXT, RTF, DOC and HTML files Yes Yes
Online document support Yes Yes
HTML editing Yes Yes
Import/export TMX files   Yes
Translation review tool   Yes
Source text linguistic enrichment   Yes

SYSTRAN Premium 5.0 Desktop Features

Graphical User Interface (GUI) COMPONENTS

We only list the features specific to the components. Size limitations depend on the product and component and are listed separately.

Supported formats depend on the component

  • Native support: TXT, RTF, HTML, XHTML.
  • Non-native support: DOC, XLS, PPT (through HTML, was through RTF in V4; the main impact is speed as the conversion to HTML is faster), and PDF (new, through Scansoft PDF converter).
  • The SYSTRAN Toolbar interface now includes two drop-down lists (1 for source and 1 for target) instead of only one (for the language pair i.e. both source and target). The target languages are adapted automatically depending on the source language.

    SYSTRAN Clipboard Taskbar (SCT)

    SCT translates any written text, once it has been copied to the Windows Clipboard.

  • Active Clipboard: automatic translation of the Clipboard’s content without any click on the translate button
  • Maintains document formatting whenever possible (depends on the application in which it is used)
  • NEW: Cross-application support (i.e. possibility to copy text from one application, translate it and paste it to another application).

  • SYSTRAN Toolbar

    Common features

  • Seamless translation (because it is seamlessly integrated into the application as a plugin)
  • Preserve document formatting
  • Translation of the whole document
  • Internet Explorer plugin

  • NEW: Fluid navigation: enables automatic translation of all links located on a Web page, once the Web page has been translated (the translate button remains pushed down to indicate that). An option is available for choosing the fluid navigation mode: enabled for all links, disabled for all links, enabled for links only within the same domain as the current page.
  • NEW: Possibility to alternate between source and target documents, at any time. 
  • Comments: Unless there is a good technical reason for the domain restriction in fluid navigation, the restriction should be removed or at least become an option. It will be possible to disable fluid navigation.

    Microsoft Word plugin

  • NEW: Translation of the entire document with the “translate” button, or only of the selected text through the contextual menu (V4 did both with the “translate” button). Translation of selected text can now be either insert or replace (V4 behavior was “replace”).
  • NEW: Extended alignment is now available as an option. It offers side-by-side display of source and translated documents with sentence alignment (i.e. when highlighting a sentence in the source document, the translated sentence is highlighted, and vice-versa) and advanced markup.
  • NEW: contextual menu (with right-click) that offers the possibility to access SYSTRAN features such as sending the word or expression to SDM (if SDM is installed), or define DNT blocks.
  • Supports document sublanguages: if a document contains several languages, only the parts with the appropriate language will be translated.
  • Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint plugins

    Nothing specific except PowerPoint, where part of the document can be translated (same behavior as Word).

    Comments: The Outlook plugin is NOT for Outlook Express but for the full-fledged Outlook which is part of the Microsoft Office suite.


  • The toolbar for Office 97 will not evolve from V4. A user with V5 and Office 97 will not see any difference with V4.
  • No plugin for Outlook 97 (same as in V4).

  • PDF Translator

    PDF support will be provided using Scansoft’s PDF Converter. Translates PDF documents and displays the translation in Microsoft Word. Scansoft provide an item in the contextual menu (right-click), we will probably provide do the same. So when right-clicking on a PDF the user will open it in Word (convert PDF to RTF) and then use the Word plugin to translate that PDF.

    Comments: We do not support PDF Converter 2.0.

    We will have the same restrictions as Scansoft’s PDF Converter (i.e. support of simple types of PDF).

    PDF can be imported in Word or STPM, and also translated in IE or SMTU.

    SYSTRAN Dictionary Manager (SDM)

    Level 1 features

  • NEW: Improved Intuitive Coding
  • Better analysis of plain entries (those without linguistic clues)
  • New linguistic clues
  • Support of special characters
  • Expert dictionary coding capabilities (through clues only; no Wizard)
  • Bilingual dictionary editor restricted to only one UD, the name of which is not customizable.
  • Coding confidence indicator: visually indicates how confident the system is in its automatic analysis and coding of the entry. Low confidence does not mean the entry is incorrect but that it is more likely to be incorrect than one with a higher confidence.
  • SDM is limited to the edition of ONE UD per monodirectional LP, the name of which is not defined.

    Level 2 features

    The following features are available, in addition to the Level 1 features of SDM:

  • Bilingual dictionary editor for as many UDs as desired, with options and properties.
  • NEW: Print dictionaries
  • NEW: New UD format and conversion of V4 format to V5 format.
  • NEW: Tip of the day
  • NEW: Improved UD search capabilities
  • Search local dictionaries
  • Search, browse and download SYSTRAN Online User Dictionaries
  • Level 3 features

    The following features are available, in addition to the Level 1&2 features of SDM:

  • Multilingual dictionary editor.
  • Import/export text and Excel dictionaries.
  • NEW: Support of large UDs (much larger than in V4).
  • NEW: XML MultitermiX import
  • Domain definition with both SYSTRAN’s predefined domains and user-defined domains.
  • NEW: Expert Coding Wizard that allows the user to visualize and modify SYSTRAN’s analysis of the entries, for optimal dictionary usage and coverage.
  • NEW: Possibility to reverse dictionaries: UD typically had only one source language and several targets. It is now possible to define several source languages.
  • NEW: Detection of duplicate entries (equivalent source and same domain)
  • NEW: New dictionary types
  • Translation memory for complete sentences (up to 40,000 per TM dictionary)
  • Normalization dictionaries: perfect to handle abbreviations such as those used for chat (it is possible to define that “4u” means “for you”, which allows SYSTRAN to translate this otherwise obscure term), or to normalize spelling (if your company always writes “plugin” as one word and not as “plug-in”, etc.)
  • NEW: Import/export of Translation Memories to TMX format (Trados’ XML TM format)
  • NEW: Entity coding (which corresponds to the internal name “lookup operators”): it allows the user to define and use “variables” in your dictionary entries such as “an IP address”, or “a version number”. Provided with predefined entities.
  • Comments: Lookup operators are used in a regular UD and are either typed like “*<NUMBER>”, or using a drop-down list. A menu option allows to switch between an icon display and a textual display.

    SYSTRAN Translation Project Manager (STPM)

    Level 1 features

  • Side-by-side comparison and alignment of source and translated documents
  • Interaction with SDM to build and validate a User Dictionary from STPM
  • Definition of Do Not Translate (DNT) blocks
  • NEW: Tip of the day
  • NEW: Import of TXT, RTF, DOC, HTML documents (HTML was not supported in V4).
  • NEW: Possibility to open an online document by providing its Web address (URL)
  • NEW: HTML editing and formatting capabilities
  • Comments: We talk about “import” not support because the only native format in STPM is the “.stp”.

    Level 2 features

    The following features are available, in addition to the Level 1 features of STPM:

  • NEW: Import/export of TMX (the format is not preserved; to preserve the format use SMTU).
  • NEW: Translation review tool (post-edition), and interaction with SYSTRAN’s Translation Memory (post-edited sentences are candidate for integration into the TM)
  • NEW: Source text linguistic enrichment (capability to add information in order to improve the translation; for example force a certain term category in the text, when there are ambiguities such as in “Contact SYSTRAN” where “Contact” can be analyzed as either a noun or a verb).

  • SYSTRAN MultiTranslate Utility (SMTU)

  • Batch translation
  • Possibility to define both general and document-specific translation options.
  • Supported formats: TXT, RTF. DOC, HTML, XHTML, PPT, XLS, PDF
  • Translation progress indicator and translation time for each document
  • NEW: supports and translates Trados “no-match” files (text elements that could not be translated by the Trados’ translation memory) which can then be re-imported into Trados
  • NEW: translated Word files are Word files (were RTF documents in V4)
  • NEW: PDF support
  • NEW: can be used on command-line to automate the translation process.
  • NEW: translation of Web documents referred to by a Web address (URL)
  • NEW: Web crawler to extract and translate the content of a website
  • NEW: terminology extraction aggregated for the whole set of documents.
  • NEW: STPM translation mode: an STPM project is created for each document, which allows to then post-edit and work on the translation in STPM (with the translated document and extracted terminology already present)
  • NEW: Directory translation. No need to select files one by one anymore: just select a directory and all its files will be translated. If a file is added to the directory after the batch file definition it is automatically translated next time you run the translation on the directory.
  • Comments: There is no translation scheduler in SMTU, but the possibility of using Windows’ scheduler to schedule large batch jobs for overnight translation for instance.


    The following are options common to all GUI components. Some common improvements are:

  • Idioms dictionaries
  • Improved dictionaries (no quantitative changes, though we might lie about it…).
  • Native UTF-8 support: better support of Unicode documents (no corruption of Unicode characters which do not belong to the alphabet of the source language, etc.)

  • Language detection (SLID)

    Present on all GUI components, except SMTU and PDF Translator.

    Comments: The language detection (SLID) is enabled by selecting “Auto” in the source language drop-down list. After one automatic selection, the detected language appears differently than manually set source languages.

    The SLID will support: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian plus Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Vietnamese (although Farsi, Urdu, Danish, Norwegian and Vietnamese will not be part of any commercial language pair.).

    The SLID is the main improvement that appears on the SCT. Note that results on short texts (such as copy/paste) are worse than on large documents (language detection is using statistics; the shorter the text, the poorer the detection). But the SLID is especially interesting for the SCT user since source language will reflect language of the clipboard: then the issues about “double translation” will be totally avoided (to be exact, technically it is not really the SLID that will be involved, but user won't see it).

    From a pragmatic point of view, the usage of SLID will be more interesting in the SYSTRAN Toolbar, especially IE, than in SCT because it will then apply to full documents (better results).

    Suggestion: When the SLID detects a language that is offered by SYSTRAN but not installed on the user’s machine, a popup (that can be disabled with a checkbox) could be displayed and send to SYSTRAN’s website.

    Translation options

  • Linguistic options
  • NEW: Translation of misspelled terms. (missing or incorrect accentuation, common spelling errors)
  • NEW: Alternate meanings now extended to SYSTRAN’s main dictionaries (was only applicable to UD entries in V4). Alternate meanings are available as dynamic markup in STPM, in IE as either popup or in the text, and in the text for all other interfaces.
  • NEW: Extended detection of “text mode”: the SYSTRAN filter can now decide by itself whether it seems to be a text with automatic carriage return of if carriage return means a new sentence (extension of “Preserve textual formatting” in V4).
  • Imperative choice, personal pronoun definition (gender, number…), formality, etc. (varies depending on the language pair)
  • NEW:Imperative choice extended to more language pairs.
  • NEW:Pronoun definition extended to more language pairs.
  • NEW:Localization option: for US/GB English (option for target, no option for source since it is automatically enabled), same for Portuguese (Brazilian/European) and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional).
  • NEW:New German spelling for ENDE and FRDE (option for DE target, no option for DE source since it is automatically enabled).
  • NEW:NFW transliteration option (for EL, RU, ZH, JA, KO). Instead of being displayed in the native character set (for example in Cyrillic for Greek), NFWs can be displayed in a latin/romanized form (typically Greeklish for Greek, where all Greek cyrillic letters have a latin equivalent).
  • NEW:Entity recognition for EN and FR source (addresses, dates, proper nouns, currencies) thereby improving translation quality.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Do not translate capitalized words
  • Sub-language support
  • Preserve textual formatting (plain text documents only)

  • Translation customization

  • User Dictionary (UD) support
  • Selection and ranking
  • Domain selection and ranking
  • NEW: Translation memory (TM) support (selection and ranking)
  • NEW: Normalization dictionary (ND) support: perfect to handle abbreviations such as those used for chat (it is possible to define that “4u” means “for you”, which allows SYSTRAN to translate this otherwise obscure term), or to normalize spelling (if your company always writes “plugin” as one word and not as “plug-in”, etc.)

  • Translation markup

    It is the possibility to visually identify Not Found Words, Extracted Terms (if available), and User Dictionary entries, through highlighting ( NEW ), XML-like tagging (was reserved to UDs in V4), text prefix or other visual means.

  • NEW: Dynamic markup in STPM and Word (can be modified at any time and both source and target are updated instantly)
  • NEW: Static markup elsewhere

  • Terminology extraction

    There are 2 levels:

  • Extraction limited to NFW (as in V4).
  • NEW: Extracted terminology is not only Not Found Words (NFW) i.e. words not present in the SYSTRAN dictionaries, but also more complex terminology (noun phrases, etc. extracted using linguistic analysis to extract linguistically meaningful compounds). The suggested canonical (i.e. lemmatized) form is displayed.
  • A Terminology Extraction Task Pane is available in the SYSTRAN Toolbar, STPM and SMTU with the “Send to SDM” feature.

    Additional Specialized Terminology

    5 dictionaries which cover 20 specialized domains.

  • SYSTRAN Business / Economics/Business / Legal / Political Science /
  • SYSTRAN Colloquial / Colloquial
  • SYSTRAN Industries / Automotive / Aviation/Space / Military Science / Naval/Maritime / Metallurgy
  • SYSTRAN Life Sciences / Life Sciences / Earth Sciences / Medicine / Food Science
  • SYSTRAN Sciences / Computers/Data Processing / Electronics / Mathematics / Mechanical/Engineering / Photography/Optics / Physics/Atomic Energy / Chemistry

  • Dictionary updates

    Same as in V4 (was available for SYSTRAN Standard 4.0 and SYSTRAN Premium 4.0).

    Automatic detection in V4 was limited to STPM.

    Comments: Automatic detection to be extended to all GUI components, probably though SYSTRAN Server.

    Access to SYSTRAN Online Dictionaries

    Same as in V4 (was available for SYSTRAN Standard 4.0 and SYSTRAN Premium 4.0). This corresponds to the “Find in Dictionaries” feature of STPM and SDM, or the corresponding item in the “eService” menu of those applications.

    Comments: Access is to be kept in STPM and SDM with the “Find in dictionaries” but the “Browse dictionaries” access could be clickable in the UD dialog on any GUI component.



    System Requirements


    Intel Pentium or compatible, 233 MHz minimum


    128 Mb minimum

    Disk space

    80 Mb minimum per language pair (bidirectional)


    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and up

    Operating System Microsoft Windows 98
      Second Edition Microsoft Windows Millennium
      Microsoft Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6 and up
      Microsoft Windows 2000
      Microsoft Windows XP
      NEW: Microsoft Windows 2003
    Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 97 – restricted (V4-like)
      Microsoft Office 2000
      Microsoft Office XP
      NEW: Microsoft Office 2003


    RAM and disk space will need to be validated during tests. Also exactly which products require Office, whether it is ALL office or only Word.

    Certain features, in particular UD compilation will depend on available RAM (the larger the UD, the more RAM is needed) and CPU.

    Translation speed is proportional to CPU speed (ie translation on 1GHz is twice as fast as on a 500MHz).

    Windows 98 support has been dropped by Microsoft as of December 2003.

    Office 97 support is kept even if does not change for V4, mostly for physical distribution needs in France (impossible to reference 2 versions). As of March 2003, Gartner estimated Office 97 deployment to 30%.

    Pricing & Availability

    SYSTRAN Professional Premium 5.0

    European Pack: English into/from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Russian

    Asian Pack: English into/from Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

    Arabic Pack: English into/from Arabic

    Global Pack: European and Asian Packs

    We stock SYSTRAN products for immediate delivery.



    Please include your serial # inside comments box with order of any upgrade


    Site License

    User Range
    5 to 25
    26 to 50
    51 to 101
    101 to 250
    251 to 500
    501 to 1000
    1001 to 1500
    1501 to 2500
    European Pack
    Asian Pack
    Arabic Pack
    Global Pack

    Upgrade from version 4.0 to 5.0: 30% of the total license fee

    To buy licenses for several computers or for more configurations, please contact us.



    Downloads, Patches & Updates

    SYSTRAN 5.0 User Guide (PDF)

    To download any of the SYSTRAN updates and patches, please go to our downloads page.

    SYSTRAN 4.0 Dictionary Update 3.0

    SYSTRAN 4.0 Dictionary Update 4.0

    SYSTRAN 4.0 Microsoft Internet Explorer plugin patch

    SYSTRAN Pro Premium 3.0 Microsoft Office XP support

    SYSTRAN Professional 3.0 updated filters

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