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SYSTRAN® 5.0 Translation Software

SYSTRAN is a top choice for government, business, educational, and translators around the world. You can read about the different versions below. Feel free to contact us with any questions not covered by our comprehensive product description pages.

SYSTRAN Premium 4.0

SYSTRAN Premium 5.0 CD-ROM for Windows
Includes all features of the other SYSTRAN. Also includes 5 specialized dictionaries: Business, Colloquial, Industries, and Sciences covering 20 domains. Plus integrated Translation Memory, support for TMX standard, and many linguistic tools..
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SYSTRAN Standard 5.0

SYSTRAN Standard 5.0 CD-ROM for Windows
Can be used directly with PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and a unique custom interface. Now includes support for 15 languages. Better and more accurate than ever.
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Systran Enterprise Translating Software
SYSTRAN Enterprise 4.0
If you need translation over a TCP/IP connection such as a LAN or an Intranet web site, then this is the choice for you. With Systran Enterprise, you can run the most powerful Systran engine on a central Windows or Linux server and use a custom fully featured Java client for access from your client machines.
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Systran Enterprise Translating Software
SYSTRAN Web Server 4.2
Finally the ultimate translation product is available. This version of SYSTRAN sits on your IIS server and translates pages dynamically. Includes all the customizations of Premium Systran.
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Systran Li nks

Systran Links
SystranLinks adds a "Translation Button" to your whole website or to any Internet application. With SystranLinks, your company gets a feature-rich, scalable, and reliable translation service without the investment and hassle of installing, operating, and supporting your own translation system.
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SYSTRAN Personal
SYSTRAN Personal 5.0 CD-ROM for Windows
In our attempt to only carry serious translation products for serious customers, we no longer carry the Personal line of SYSTRAN products. We suggest always buying the best products one can afford and thus recommend Standard and Premium level SYSTRAN products.

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