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Sakhr Enterprise Translation

Sakhr Enterprise Translation

Sakhr Enterprise Translation
The Sakhr Enterprise Translation (SET) system is an integrated system for translation teams who work on large translation projects on a regular basis. It is designed to help translation teams organize and streamline their translation tasks. The system consists of a number of modules, each of which performs a certain task during the translation process. The result is an intranet web-enabled and server-based translation system that allows company employees to automatically translate documents and share company-specific glossaries of terms as well as general-purpose dictionaries, hence saving time and effort, and ensuring consistency and translation quality throughout the process.

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About Sakhr

Sakhr Software is the pioneer in developing and applying Arabic computational linguistics. Its intensive research and development have created unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies that give users state-of-the-art solutions. Sakhr incorporates its Arabic NLP technologies in a range of intelligent corporate systems. It offers solutions in document management, Web publishing and retrieval, translation, and speech. Sakhr also has industry-specific solutions for electronic libraries, government circulars, trademark registration, and press archiving. Sakhr is a division of Alalamiah group with marketing offices in Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


Sakhr Enterprise Translation (SET) is a Web-enabled server-based translation system designed for an Intranet environment. Using SET, users can automatically translate sentences or documents and share company-specific glossaries and translation memories. SET saves time and effort while ensuring consistent and quality translation. Sakhr bases the Enterprise Translation system on its own Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Translation (MT) engines, solving all linguistic ambiguities. SET is composed of:

Using the Translator (optional, depending on the configuration) users can translate from English to Arabic by typing text directly or by accessing a file. To help get better results, a built-in spellchecker assists translators in spell-checking text before translation.

Translation Memory
SET enables users to record previous translations for future use, to ensure consistency. SET segments the new text to be translated into parts and looks for parts that have been previously translated and saved in the translation memory. Once a match is found, the saved translation is automatically inserted as the correct translation.

A Powerful Dictionary
SET comes with a powerful bilingual dictionary. The general dictionary is stem-based and comprises nearly all stems of English and Arabic. In addition, it offers a comprehensive list of commonly used Arabic and English expressions.

Custom Glossaries
SET allows users to easily manage, update, and activate a glossary of terms. Users can set glossary-use priorities while translating.

Administration Center
Administrators can streamline the translation process by managing queued translation jobs. The Administration Center manages Users, Glossaries, and Translation Memories.

Key Features

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System Requirements

Server Requirements:
Windows NT 4.0 (plus IIS 4.0), XP,Windows 2000; Pentium II CPU, Pentium III 450 recommended; 650 MB hard disk space; 800 MB recommended; 64 MB RAM, 128MB recommended; CD-ROM drive; Microsoft Word.

Client Requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP; Pentium CPU, Pentium II 300 recommended; 32 MB RAM, 64 MB recommended; Internet Explorer 5.0.

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