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Reverso Pro 5.0 Translation

Reverso Pro 5.0 Translation Software

Reverso Pro 5.0 Translation Software
This high-quality translation software offers advanced features such as application and WWW integration (use Reverso with MS Word, Internet Explorer, and more), context-sensitive translation, and document format preservation. Reverso Pro 5.0 offers high-quality bi-directional translations of English to French, German and Spanish and from French to German.

More about Reverso Pro 5.0
Web Integration

More about Reverso Pro 5.0

Suppose you need to make a contract proposal or work out technical documentation in French, German or Spanish, translate files from Russian, German, Spanish or English, send an e-mail in French or read a French web site -- and you don't speak French. What do you do? Your solution is Reverso! Thanks to Reverso, you can translate documents of all kinds and all sizes in seconds. Its direct integration into Microsoft Word and Excel, and its dictionary enhancement possibilities, make Reverso an automatic translation software perfectly adapted to professional use. It is intended for people whose knowledge in French is minimal to none by helping them communicate and make themselves understood. Reverso is also for experts who will find it a very effective tool for boosting productivity.

Fast, Accurate and Efficient Translation
With its new translation engine and an enriched multi-specialties dictionary, Reverso Pro 5 combines speed and quality at the same time (1 page/second). More than one million translations (nouns, verbs, compounds, idioms), thousands of syntactic and grammatical rules.

Professional Translation Environment
Reverso Pro 5 provides you with a powerful and user friendly interface:

Here's how Reverso provides an accurate and efficient translation:

Reverso preserves the original format of documents created within Word, AmiPro, WordPerfect or RTF, MS-DOS formats. It also translates texts from the clipboard and integrates them in other applications via the the clipboard. Moreover, in Microsoft Word and Excel (95 and 97 versions), Reverso adds a tool bar which allows you to obtain the translation and enrich the dictionary without having to exit the application.

Bi-directional language pairs available:

Web Integration

Reverso allows you to navigate the French Internet in English. When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3, 4 or 5, the WebView program (included on the CD) will provide you with an instantaneous translation of web pages written in French, while maintaining the layout, images and links.

You'll feel as if you are navigating the site in English. At the top of the translation window you'll see the original web page; at the bottom, you'll see the translation.


Delivered with a very comprehensive and accurate general dictionary, the Reverso vocabulary database can easily be updated with specialized terminology. It can also be customized to accommodate new vocabulary or grammar rules thanks to a very user-friendly encoding system:

Minimum System Requirements

PC version (Reverso Pro): PC with 486 or Pentium processor, Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, 32 MB RAM, 40 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and Microsoft Internet Explorer for web page translation.

Mac version (Reverso Mac): Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8 or higher, 32 Mb of RAM, 40 MB free hard disk space, and CD-ROM drive.

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