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Scanning (OCR) Software

Scanning paper texts is part of the overall translation solution for most businesses. That is why we offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for almost all available languages. Please contact us with any questions.

Readiris OCR for Windows & Macintosh Readiris Pro for Windows & Macintosh
Readiris Pro is an easy-to-use text recognition software which converts paper documents (captured with scanners, all-in-one devices or digital cameras), PDFs (even read-only files!), image files and fax files into editable text you can send to your favorite applications. Readiris Pro for Windows comes in two editions; Readiris Pro 8, which is recommended for home use, and Readiris Pro 8 Corporate Edition which is designed for businesses. Also Readiris Pro for Macintosh comes in two versions, one home use and one for businesses. We at recommend this product to everyone seeking a complete multilingual OCR solution.
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Fine Reader 6.0 OCR System for Windows FineReader OCR System for Windows
FineReader scans up to 177 languages from any scanner. The quality of character recognition from FineReader gets top marks too! The FineReader OCR system was acknowledged as one of the best by PC Magazine. FineReader for Windows comes in two editions; FineReader Professional Edition, which is recommended for home use, while Fine Reader Corporate Edition is designed for work in the office over a LAN. There is also a Macintosh version available.
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Sakhr Automatic Reader Sakhr Automatic Reader
Sakhr Automatic Reader transforms scanned images into a grid of millions of dots, optically recognizes the characters found in them and ultimately converts them into text. The complex nature of the Arabic language is evident in the cursiveness of the text, character overlapping, various character shapes, diacritics and the variety of calligraphic Arabic fonts that exist. As a result, these specific Arabic language complexities present major technical challenges in the Arabic OCR industry. The Automatic Reader, backed by Sakhr’s extensive experience in Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, addresses these challenges effectively, thus providing Arabic users with an award-winning and high quality OCR solution.
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Ligature Hebrew OCR Ligature Hebrew OCR 5.0
Ligature® - OCR is a full-featured 32-bit standalone OCR software program designed for users who demand consistently accurate OCR results. Powerful, flexible and efficient, Ligature-OCR is easy to use and capable of processing large quantities of text. It scans the document, analyzes the page layout, recognizes the characters and outputs the text to a variety of file formats while retaining text and document attributes. Your saved file is now editable text, ready to take advantage of the options of your chosen word processor, spreadsheet or database application.
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Dagesh Pro OCR Dagesh Pro Hebrew OCR
Dagesh Pro OCR gives the user the ability to translate images of characters (faxes, books, magazines, newspaper articles etc.) into editable text. Once you become familiar with Dagesh Pro OCR, you'll find that it has an amazing array of tools designed to streamline OCR work and give you really extensive control over when and how it's carried out. But the main thing to remember is that it's fast, it's accurate, it's trainable, and it's easy to use.
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Chinese English Two-way Dictionary V3.0 bundle with SharpEye V2.0 Chinese OCR Chinese English Two-way Dictionary V3.0 bundle with SharpEye V2.0 Chinese OCR
This package includes the TwinBridge Chinese English 2-way dictionary (240,000 entries), a powerful, comprehensive and intuitive bi-directional electronic dictionary that makes searches between English and Chinese words easier than ever; and the TwinBridge SharpEye Chinese OCR System, which recognizes 5,543 Traditional Chinese characters with 3 fonts, and 4,122 Simplified Chinese characters with 4 fonts, along with frequently used punctuation and symbols.
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