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Nakel SDK System

Nakel SDK Multilingual Translation System
Nakel SDK is the Software Developer Kit version of the famous An-Nakel bi-directional machine translation program for Arabic whose approach is completely different from the word-by-word translation commonly found in electronic translation. This Software Development Kit for AnNakel contains all the regular functions of Nakel, plus a set of librairies, header files and sample source programs to help you to call AnNakel functions from your application.

  About How It Works System Requirements

The Nakel SDK System

Nakel is a sophisticated start-of-the-art multilingual translation system that can go from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic. It combines deep syntactic and lexical analysis with context-driven semantic processing to give a thorough translation of documents, paragraphs and sentences, or user-driven input. It offers:

Nakel has a strong parser, deep syntactic analysis and selective semantic analysis to detect main verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms.
It is able to analyze and process phrasal verbs (multiword verbs) that are associated with a separable or inseparable particle: "The aircraft took off from Dubai airport", or "The man took his hat off". Idioms that cannot be properly understood if not recognized as a complex lexical unit are also supported, for example: take place of; take care of; take lessons; take charge, etc.

Complete SDK Functionality List

Please download our Nakel SDK PDF document for a complete list of functionality

How It Works

An-Nakel Multilingual Translation System

The Nakel system operates on five different levels:

Nakel's approach is complete different from word-by-word translation, with the sentence as the basic unit of translation in a rule-based processing system operating on a knowledge database. During translation each sentence is analyzed deeply, with Nakel determining the different syntagms and categories of words, and then attempting to analyse words in context and build semantic links, with the analysis ending in an internal representation of the sentence.
The target text is generated using the transfer method according to the grammar rules of the target language. In the case of translation from English to Arabic, the generated Arabic text can be displayed (printed) with or without vowels.

Nakel uses four on-line dictionaries:
The General Dictionary contains words in common use with approximately 100,000 words and locutions. The Translation Memory Database contains idioms, locutions and translated units. The Specific Dictionary contains words used by specialists in a selected subject area. The User Dictionary contains words added or updated by the user.

Nakel offers two operating modes:
- On line mode: the user may input and translate a document sentence by sentence and check the meaning of polysemous words;
- Batch mode: the user submits the entire source document (file) and the target text is stored in a separate file. In both modes, the target text can be checked or post-edited using the Alternative Meaning process.

Subject dictionaries available as separate purchase:

Computer Dictionary Pack
Medicine Dictionary Pack
Environment Dictionary Pack
Accounting Dictionary Pack
Military Dictionary Pack
Business Dictionary Pack
Dictionary Pack

System Requirements

Supporting language(s): Arabic
Platform supported: Windows
System requirements: PC with 486, Pentium or greater; MicroSoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
(Arabic version required except with English Windows XP); 64 MB Ram; 50 MB HD space.

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