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Hebrew Translation Software

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Computer Translation - automatic & aided translation software
Handheld Devices - utilities for Palm, CE, and other pocket devices
- convert paper documents into computer text
- create documents in 100+ languages
- dictionaries and tools to correct grammar
- localized versions of MS Windows and Office

Hebrew Computer Translation

Translate 3.0 Translate 2004 Machine Translation (Windows)
The evaluation team recommends Translate 2004 for all types of translation duties. It is very user-friendly and especially competent at colloquial documents, email, and personal use. Technically speaking, Logomedia products feature a modular design so extra technical dictionary packs and even entire new languages can be easily added. Translate is available in many configurations to translate in both directions between English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Continental), Russian, Spanish (Latin American and Continental), and Ukrainian.
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Dagesh Pro translation Dagesh Pro Translator (Windows)
Imagine, You want to translate a Hebrew book, paragraph or sentence into English or an English book, paragraph or sentence into Hebrew... This amazing program should be your FIRST CHOICE. It will save thousands of man-hours, and also give you the ability to express yourself better by taking advantage of the on-line language tools built right into the program.
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TRADOS 6 Freelance and  LSP TRADOS Computer Aided Translation
By combining human translation skills with industry-leading translation memory technologies, TRADOS has successfully automated recurrent translation work. The TRADOS Translation Solution is a suite of mature, proven products that enable you to effortlessly master the many facets of translation work. TRADOS extends far beyond the actual translation process itself, addressing the requirements of multiple editing environments, terminology management, alignment of legacy translations and DTP interfacing.
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Hebrew Handheld Devices

Language Teacher for Palm OS and Pocket PC Language Teacher for Palm OS and Pocket PC
Language Teacher is a software version of the Language Teacher electronic handheld dictionaries of Ectaco, Inc. that runs on Pocket PC's and computers with the Palm OS operating system, and is similar to the version for Windows. A large volume dictionary database and the ability to translate to and from a language allow you to select the exact translation according to your needs. The word-for-word translation mode is very useful when all you need is general sense of a phrase or sentence.
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Ectaco Language Teacher Dictionaries Ectaco Hebrew Language Teacher Electronic Dictionaries
A wide range of linguistic functions, special learning exercises and large display make all these models valuable language tools. Ectato Language Teacher Electronic Dictionaries come in many different varieties to suit the needs of any student, professional, or any traveller with an interest in languages. These multilingual dictionaries are more than just dictionaries, they are convenient organsiation tools and travel mates for any mobile consumer!
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Hebrew OCR Scanning

Ligature Hebrew OCR Ligature Hebrew OCR 5.0
Ligature® - OCR is a full-featured 32-bit standalone OCR software program designed for users who demand consistently accurate OCR results. Powerful, flexible and efficient, Ligature-OCR is easy to use and capable of processing large quantities of text. It scans the document, analyzes the page layout, recognizes the characters and outputs the text to a variety of file formats while retaining text and document attributes. Your saved file is now editable text, ready to take advantage of the options of your chosen word processor, spreadsheet or database application.
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Dagesh Pro OCR Dagesh Pro Hebrew OCR
Dagesh Pro OCR gives the user the ability to translate images of characters (faxes, books, magazines, newspaper articles etc.) into editable text. Once you become familiar with Dagesh Pro OCR, you'll find that it has an amazing array of tools designed to streamline OCR work and give you really extensive control over when and how it's carried out. But the main thing to remember is that it's fast, it's accurate, it's trainable, and it's easy to use.
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Readiris OCR for Windows & Macintosh Readiris Pro (Windows and Macintosh versions)
Readiris Pro is an easy-to-use text recognition software which converts paper documents (captured with scanners, all-in-one devices or digital cameras), PDFs (even read-only files!), image files and fax files into editable text you can send to your favorite applications. Readiris Pro for Windows comes in two editions; Readiris Pro 10, which is recommended for home use, and Readiris Pro 10 Corporate Edition which is designed for businesses. Also Readiris Pro 9 for Macintosh comes in two versions, one home use and one for businesses. We at recommend this product to everyone seeking a complete multilingual OCR solution.
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Hebrew Word Processing

Dagesh Pro WP

Dagesh Pro Word Processor
The great thing bout Dagesh Pro is that it has great plug-ins like the OCR program that has the same engine as the much more costly Ligature OCR product. It also has a machine translation component which works independently of any other program. This makes Dagesh a leader and a serious competitor in the Hebrew word procesing market.
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Davka Writer Platinum Davka Writer Platinum
The most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet is now available in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version that's even more user-friendly and powerful! DavkaWriter Platinum provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating the latest advances in word-processing technology. No other program can match its combination of ease-of-use and flexibility!
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Unitype Multilingual Word Processing Unitype Multilingual Word Processing
Now you can write in all major languages from your English Windows PC. Global Writer is the word processor that lets you write in 100 languages with one keyboard, and Global Office is the enhancement to Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP that adds text entry and visual keyboard display in over 100 different languages. Get Global Office Suite and you get both these powerful applications in one package! The programs are easy to use, yet powerful enough to support the most demanding tasks of businesses, translation professionals, and academics worldwide.
More information for Unitype Multilingual Word Processing...
keyboards Multilingual Keyboards and Keytop Labels
Do you routinely type in more than one language? Then you need foreign language keyboards and keytop labels. Installation is a snap with native support in all major operating systems including Windows 98,ME,2000, and XP. We have installed a drop-down picture of all our international keyboards. Select a language to get the keyboard layout as a general reference of what to expect.
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Hebrew Grammar & Reference

Microsoft Proofing Tools for Office 2003 Microsoft Proofing Tools for Office 2003
The Microsoft Proofing Tools for Office are a collection of editing technologies that enable users to proof Office documents in more than 50 different languages. This comprehensive package offers installation of any (or all!) of the 50 languages of available proofing tools in one convenient setup. The tools include spelling and grammar checkers, AutoCorrect lists, AutoSummarize capabilities for Microsoft Word, and more. Also included are language-specific tools such as Input Method Editors (IMEs) for inputting text in Japanese, Korean and Chinese; Word Breakers for highlighting words in Japanese and Chinese; Korean features including a Hanja dictionary and Hanja/Hangul converter; and, additional fonts for Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean.
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Hebrew OS & Office Applications

Windows XP for Hebrew Windows XP for Hebrew
Get Microsoft's Windows XP in a localized language version! By building on the proven Windows 2000 operating system, Windows XP Professional Edition delivers a reliable foundation you can count on to keep your computer up and running when you need it most. Not only is Windows XP more reliable, it also helps you more easily recover from system problems - if something goes wrong, roll back your computer to a previous state - your critical system files are always safe. Get the latest updates delivered to your desktop, use the latest hardware and devices, and run software compatible with earlier versions of Windows. Windows XP Home Edition gives you the freedom to experience more than you ever thought possible with your computer and the Internet. This is the operating system home users have been waiting for - because it offers serious speed and serious stability, so you can have serious fun. Enjoy the new standard in dependability and simplicity: an operating system that is reliable and dependable, easy to use, fast, powerful, secure, and private. Unlock the potential of your personal computer: create, share, and enjoy movies; communicate any time, anywhere; record and share memories with digital photos; discover, download, store, and play music; share all your home computing resources; and enjoy an all-in-one entertainment center.
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