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Davka Writer Platinum

Davka Writer Platinum

Davka Writer Platinum
The most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet is now available in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version that's even more user-friendly and powerful! DavkaWriter Platinum provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating the latest advances in word-processing technology. No other program can match its combination of ease-of-use and flexibility!


Davka Writer Platinum

Designed for beginners and 'power users' alike, DavkaWriter Platinum contains powerful features that enable users to construct complex Hebrew/English documents, complete with text boxes, footnotes, multiple columns, drop caps, and Yiddish characters. At the same time, its ease of use, flexibility, and clean design has made it the word processor of choice for students and teachers. DavkaWriter Platinum offers a full complement of 48 Hebrew fonts, and the ability to write in both Hebrew and English, in each language's native direction. Users can even insert Hebrew vowel points and cantillation marks into the text. The program also includes a Hebrew/English-English/Hebrew spell checker and individual word translator.

What's New in Davka Writer Platinum

The Davka Writer Platinum on-screen keyboard.
Davka Writer Platinum's on-screen keyboard makes typing Hebrew text a snap.
  • Text Boxes: Compose text and move it anywhere on the page
  • Flowed Text-Link text boxes to create multiple set of text, flowing from page to page
  • Automatic bulleting, numbering and outlining - great for creating and organizing information
  • Yiddish support-full entry of all Yiddish-specific Hebrew characters, including YIVO
  • Borders around graphics and watermarks that add a special touch!
  • Find in Files command, which let you search for any word or words, in Hebrew or English, in your entire DavkaWriter file directory
  • New styles in format menu- Inscribed Outline, Circumscribed Outline, Black-Filled Outline, 3D Shadow, 3D Block!
  • Document Tabs - a tab appears along the bottom of the screen for each open document, letting you switch among them with the click of a button.

Ease of Use

A Davka Writer Platinum Screen, showing colored fonts.
Davka Writer Platinum features 48 professionally designed Hebrew fonts.

DavkaWriter Platinum was designed, first and foremost, to be easy-to-use. There is plenty of power 'underneath the hood', but it's easy to jump in and get started right away. The on-screen keyboard makes typing Hebrew text a snap.

And, the font preview box will make it easy to choose your favorite Hebrew font. Templates make it easy to retrieve frequently used documents. You can even modify the menu bar, create your own toolbars, and add keyboard shortcuts to menu commands.

Special Hebrew/English Features

DavkaWriter Platinum is a Hebrew/English word processor-which means that you can be writing English from left to right, and Hebrew from right to left. Sounds confusing? Not to worry. Just press the language button and you can switch in a flash. Of course, you can switch languages via a keyboard combination as well.

When it comes to Hebrew fonts, DavkaWriter has no peer. It features 48 professionally designed Hebrew fonts, including 10 designed by master font craftsman Shmuel Guttman. You can write with full nikud (vowel points), and even with cantillation marks! It even contains special characters for kamatz katan, sheva na, sheva nach, and Chataf kamatz!

DavkaWriter provides for full user control of placement of vowels and cantillation, using the special IntelliAccent(tm) tools. A Hebrew/English spell checker and word translator round out the impressive multi-lingual capabilities.

Professional Tools

A screen from Davka Writer Platinum, showing FlexiText(tm).
FlexiText(tm) - an amazing assortment of special effects that can be added to text.

DavkaWriter Platinum provides an amazing array of tools to create professional documents. Text can be arranged in multiple columns. It's easy to create text boxes and link them throughout your document. Drop caps add a touch of class and sophistication to your work. A superior Tables function makes it easy to create complex tables. Text wrap-around graphics will make your designs shine. Inserting pre-defined shapes is included, of course. And for the finishing touch, nothing can top FlexiText(tm), with its amazing assortment of special effects that can be added to text.


DavkaWriter Platinum is packed with power! Automatic footnotes, columns within footnotes, drag and drop, unlimited undo, fractional point sizes, context-sensitive menus, and print preview are just some of the conveniences included.

There's more!

DavkaWriter Platinum includes 250 photos and clip art images from the renowned DavkaGraphics collection. It also contains the full text of the Tanach, complete with vowels and cantillation marks, as well as the text of the Mishnah, with vowel points. DavkaWriter Platinum is designed to handle all of your Hebrew/English word processing tasks, large or small. It's easy-to-learn, packed with power, and priced affordably!


System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
CD-ROM Drive

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