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Dagesh Pro IV Word Processor


On of the best Hebrew word processors just got (MUCH) better! Just some of the new features: Wrap around graphics, background graphics, split and merge cells in tables, Cantillation Marks (trop), Automatic nikud with user-adjustable nikud location, Microsoft Word filter, Save to HTML, Horizontal and Vertical Rulers, 600 New Templates, Interactive real-time spell-checking (as you type!)...PLUS new Windows XP interface, many more new features and enhancements!


About Dagesh Pro Hebrew OCR

On of the great things about Dagesh Pro is that it has great plug-ins like the OCR program that has the same basic engine as the much more costly Ligature OCR product. It also has a machine translation component which works independently of any other program. This makes Dagesh a leader and a serious competitor in the Hebrew word procesing market.

Dagesh... The easiest and fastest word processor... is an amazing program.
Its my recommendation for the Windows environment.

The most impressive technology I found on my visit to Israel...

... Slick Powerful...


Wordprocessing Features

New XP Graphic Interface... Footnote & End Notes with built-in Hypertext... Page Layout - text and graphic wrapping... Text Drag and Drop... Spell Checks in 7 Languages... Spell Checks Hebrew and English in a single pass... Real Time Spell checker with right click power speller... Unlimited Undo/Redo... Easy Column & table Insertion... Text flows through multiple pages to fill columns... Create Invisible Tables and Columns for intricate page layout... EXCLUSIVE Built-in Auto - Nikud (adds vowels automatically) WITH Manual Nikud Corerection... Easy entry of Taamim (Cantillation Notes)... Over 100 True Type Fonts and Ding Bats... Compatible with all TT Fonts... Internet Ready - Saves your work as HTML (Multilingual Websites!)... On Screen virtual keyboards for easy typing... Floating and Break Off Tool Bars... Mix 2-3 even up to 10 Languages in a single document ( Ideal for Translating work)... Search & Replace... Linked Style Sheets... Sorting of Tables... Convert text to Tables... Sophisticated Mail Marge... Print Preview... Auto Numbering... Auto Bullets... Bookmarks... Importing of Graphics... Linked Graphics... Multi - line self adjusting Tables...Precise Nikud Placement... Insert Document... Supports two sided printing (Odd-Even pagination) Inheritance and Control of Style Sheets...

Graphic Features

New Graphic Viewer, Insert, place, drag and size graphics, Graphic wrap-around, background and foreground placementNew Graphic Filters including all popular formats Judaic Clipart Library Kindgarten Crown Maker Bible Maps in Color Hundreds of photographs of from Israel New Templates, Forms, Greeting Cards etc. Color characters or background Save Text files as graphic Save as HTML create - Internet pages

Publishing Aids

Size Flip... Edit and Color Graphics... Print Preview Auto-Numbering Auto- Bullets Bookmarks Importing of Graphics Linked graphics Multi-line self-adjusting Tables Support for two-sided printing (Even/Odd)

Cliptext Features

Full Tanach (Hebrew Bible) with Vowels... Includes two siddurim... Siddur Ashkenaz... Siddur Sephard... Complete Shabbat Prayers... Weekly Torah & Haftarah Readings... Shabbat Songs... Perkei Avot... Holiday Prayers including High Holy Days... all texts are formatted and Voweled ready top print or edit...


Dozens of Hot Key and Short Cuts... Word Count...Long File Names including Hebrew Auto Headers and Footers New improved interface/toolbars Improved Import/Export Filters for Microsoft Word files Imports/Exports to all popular wordprocessors Save User preferences

System Features

Compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP... Auto Save... User Manual... Online Built In Windows Help... Easy to use Tool Tips.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT with Hebrew Support or any language 2000/XP
  • Pentium Processor 133 or higher
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM, 64 MB recommended
  • 40 MB available hard disk space
  • VGA monitor and a mouse.

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