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Alchemy CATALYST Localization Software

Alchemy is a market leader in localization technology. Unlike many products, CATALYST uses binary translation which allows a near-perfect WYSIWYG environment. With more features than any other localization product, CATALYST is the localization choice for technology savvy companies worldwide. is an authorized CATALYST reseller. Please contact us with any questions.


Overview of all Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Products
All Alchemy CATALYST products provide an integrated translation environment with powerful project management features to help ensure your localization projects run smoothly. CATALYST saves you time and money by seamlessly integrating editors and tools for Translators, Localization Engineers, QA Specialists, Project Managers and Software Developers.
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Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Developer/Pro Edition
Alchemy CATALYST 5.0: Developer/Pro Edition leverages all the power and flexibility of the Localizer Edition and comes with an additional built-in work-group model that enables translation toolkits to be deployed within a dispersed translation team at zero cost. This revolutionary feature allows developers to create QuickShip TTKs containing applications, glossary and ancillary files. Translators can then translate these QuickShip TTK’s using Alchemy’s free companion tool, Alchemy CATALYST: QuickShip Edition.
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Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Localizer Edition
Alchemy CATALYST 5.0: Localizer Edition leverages the power and flexibility of the Alchemy CATALYST: Translator Edition and comes with four additional Experts, one of which is the Alchemy Leverage Expert. This turns your cost of localization into an investment. With it’s unique ability to reuse not only text but co-ordinates from previous translation projects, it reduces not only your translation costs, but also your engineering and testing cycles.
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Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Translator Edition
Alchemy CATALYST 5.0: Translator Edition is the localization solution for freelance translators. Designed for the freelance translator, this edition comes with a series of WYSIWYG editors that support all Microsoft Windows™ program, help file formats ( DLL, EXE, INI, RTF, CNT, CPP, Hpp, etc.) and XML/XHTML based document files. These can be stored, distributed and translated in a single translation database called a TTK (Translation Took Kit) file.
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